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Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Production of Works

The value and effect of project types in a design studio;

Making medicineretails food in comparison to food for the soul;

design is spiritual.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Welcome to RBA

Welcome to RBA! This blog has been established as a means to convey what we are working on, thinking about and what we may revere at the moment -which could be a piece of writing, song lyrics, film, art or a work of architecture; it all has a purpose to design.

A major component of the winning platform for the Obama campaign was in promoting transparency of the inner workings at the White House and government at large (although incredibly large). In the RBA studio, (at a much smaller scale), we are just as eager to invite the public into the inner workings of what we do in an effort to promote a greater awareness and effectiveness of our design. This is a place for the ideas and rigor of our work to engage in a larger discourse about design with other colleagues as well as clients.

Please continue to check in as the site will develop as we move along… it is a process after all and we expect something great from it.

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

autograph anyone?

Can I get your autograph? This was the last thing I thought I would hear as an intern at Randy Brown Architects.

A few months ago we began work on the Take a Seat project for the City of Omaha. It was a non profit project but I realized these projects may be the most fun and creative.

We spent multiple weeks fabricating REBAR and last week it was finally installed. (There are multiple blogs that go into greater detail about the design process and fabrication – here, here and here).

Thursday was the day of the Take a Seat dedication. As an intern this was a great experience to see how people reacted and interacted with the bench. The most frequently asked questions during the installation process were “what is this” and “is it comfortable?” The same questions were asked at the dedication but this time people were able to test it out. It was interesting to see how they approached it. Many were shy about where to sit at first because they did not think it would be a comfortable experience. But the unanimous response was, “This is surprisingly comfortable.”

Since we were able to fabricate REBAR ourselves we constantly tested the angles and spacing to make sure it was suitable to sit on. This is one of the benefits of self fabrication because the designed looks sweet conceptually but without actually testing it as we were building it the outcome could have been undesirable.

Overall, I think the design turned out pretty awesome. I know we have at least two fans. While everyone was walking around all the benches a couple came up to the bench in awe. They were so pleased with the design they asked us for our autographs.